Monday, June 16, 2008

Amazing G Race

Last sat our church had the amazing g race...its some sort of like the amazing race dat u c on tv...we started off at youth park where our task waz 2 take 5 pics of 5 locations in youth park...we took quite a while 2 complete the task coz we din noe dat we had 2 take 5 pic of each places coz we din read da INSTRUCTIONS carefully...lolx

den we hadded of 2 sungai pinang which waz called da promise land in da clue....we went there by bus....den we had 2 unlock da lock that waz there n da last task waz 2 pray da land which MMC will b build on da land...MMC is our future church...

den we hadded 2 da market in Macallum street which is called da 7th road....over there we were required 2 wash a set of plates each...den after dat we had an hours 2 rest....

after dat we headed 2 da last pit stop which waz at hunza....while we were waiting 4 da bus we saw ben's group...den we told dem 2 wait 4 da 206 bus i thk if im not wrong la..lolx den dey wen 2 sit da 201 bus coz dey don wanna wait ma...ended up we reach hunza faster den dem....lolx

den at hunza we had 2 do da task of catching da egg dat waz thrown by our teammate at da 5th floor...hehe den 2 finish everything we had 2 ans a few ques n if we get wrong we will get splash wit water....hehe although its waz very tiring bcoz of travelling around penang islan, it waz fun....hope u guys can join our race next year

after dat i wen 2 watch hulk....its waz nice oso la...4 u guys who haven catch da movie yet...u
should its nice.

den on sun i wen 2 watch da show prom night which waz a bit scary la its about a girl who da killer din kill but killed her whole family den he escaped from prison 2 seek revenge...

well until next time guys..c ya hope u enjoy

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Hey guys sry 4 da late update waz kinda busy wit college....hehe
anyways i juz got my new notebook....isnt it pretty? lolx....its a dell notebook...its model is inspiron 1520 n its white in colour....=]
it matches da colour of my car...lolx

here r some pic of my notebook...hehe

tiss next time guys....i gtg d..will update wen im free...bye..!!!