Tuesday, October 28, 2008

wen 2 mcd d other day...den dis 1 dollar is one of da notes dat i got wen dey gave me back my change...hehe it looks fake rite?? hehe i kena tipu d ho...lolx it feels as if it is fake wan....not very sure izit fake or not...i put it in da parking machine in gurney..even da machine oso doesnt accept it..but den i turn over la coz da back of da note is still new...den finally da machine accept it..

looks fake!!!!!!!!!!

oh yea n blessed b'day 2 Kon Way n Kenneth....hehe may u guys enjoy dis special day n may god bless u guys lots..hehe

Happy B'day 2 u
Happy B'day 2 u
Happy B'day 2 kenneth n kon way
Happy B'day 2 u

he's in da centre wit me n ben...dats kon way...entau rite

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Promotion at Sushi King

Yday vivien, ivan, ben tan, william n me wen 2 sushi king at e-gate 4 dinner...coz of da promotion like 2 dollars per plate...we waited kinda long oso la 4 da table 4 5 ppl...den dsi is wat we kinda started wit.....

juz a few plates at da beggining...

this is d end product....a lot rite??
chiak ka pa pa

i can say it waz kinda tat la 2 dollars per plate....hehe for those of u guys who r members n haven eaten yet, da promotion is still on 4 2mollo i thk...hehe

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

All Da Best Guys!!!!!!!!!!

ALL DA BEST 2 all my bro n sis in christ who is taking PMR or SPM exam dis year....i noe dat its very hard n den sometimes u'll feel like givin up n den sometimes u'll feel very stressed, loss of appetite....stand firm n persevere....u all will go through d exam n get wonderful results....now muz take care of ur health...don study until u forget 2 eat n drink....

so 4 now study hard n do ur best in d exam...den leave everything 2 GOD....u'll c his blessings upon u....

so again ALL DA BEST 2 each n every1 of u all...it'll b over soon...b4 u noe it da exam will b over d..hehe den can enjoy durin camp...hehe take care guys...u guys will do great...GAMBATEH!!!!!!!!