Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mel's B'day..

we did a surprise bbq party 4 melvin last sun...on 14 of september... he waz so surprised wen we brought him there...i tot he figured out d on sat but den i tot wrong....we pranked u mel....finally u kena back...last time tipu us so much...hehe we did da bbq behind crown jewel....wen we wish him happy b'day he look like he wanna cry like dat...lolx i din get dat pic...sry guys.....i guess it waz a successful bbq....dis r some of da pics dat was taken...enjoy:)

the b'day boy.....:)

alan is smiling at something...hmmm wondering wat it is

vivien is looking very disturbed...but she is happy la on dat day
i thk its bcoz mel waz taking her pic:P

ivan is trying 2 do his weird or cute face...lolx

melanie n shia wen

ben da drummer...:P

Daniel Tan Heng Teong a.k.a da HORSE


da beach is so nice n romantic durin da sunset :P

da beach there got tanglung durin da nite
sempena da tanglung festival...

after dat we went ananda coz some of dem din eat enough

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Happy B'day MELVIN!!!!

dis is a pic of da b'day boy.....doesn't he look happy??? hehe mel hope u like da bbq party at da beach dat we did 4 u....hehe
we kept it as a secret from u good huh??? hehe


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Heart shape flowers...

saw dis in botanical gardens...hehe kinda nice oso me, melvin, chia ming n aaron wen 2 botanical garden d other day

Monday, September 1, 2008

Guess who!!!!!!!!!!

hey guys...guess who is dis??????

Muka Head

our church youth wen 2 muka head for an outing last sat...it waz kinda nice but den waz kinda tiring oso la....hehe da place there waz very clean compared 2 da normal beaches....da atmosphere there waz very relaxing n peaceful...kinda nice la.....
it took us bout 1 hour plus 2 reach da monkey beach...den we had our lunch n our youth service there.....

this is how its looks like 4 those who missed d outing=)

da clean beaches

this is our boat driver...hehe his name is pak lan i thk

on da way back 2 da jeti 2 wait 4 da bus....

we met dis cat while waiting 4 da bus...so cute....
go until there oso can meet mel's cousin