Thursday, August 27, 2009

The new Gibson Les Paul Dark Fire
its so nice le da guitar....hehe u gotta check it out guys..da colour is superb n da sound quality is super nice...
check out da video of da guitar's demo..enjoy:)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

wen out wit wai loon, lin chong, kevin and peng chooi who juz came back from sunway...met at gurney at 3 something...wai loon waz fetching me there den we were actually reaching there earlier den every1 until wai loon decided 2 take da longer way around da round about at gurney drive...hehe den we waited at da wrong line wen we were goin up da way 2 da parking lot..we were waiting 4 like 15 min behind a car dat waz juz waiting 4 da passenger dats comin out of gp...we din realize until da cars behind us waz moving into other lanes..hehe

den we met up in da pool area den started playing pool while waiting 4 kevin who waz telling us dat he's walking from traders hotel...kevin's like so kuai 2day go traders hotel 4 da education fair...kevin arrived at close 2 4..

after dat we bought tickets 2 watch drag me to hell...da movie waz really predictable le da plot n all...but den me n kevin walked out after da 1st 10 min of da show...we went buying da transformers 2 tickets...

transformers 2 is a mus watch movie dis year...better grab ur tickets early coz it'll b sold out soon i guess...cant wait 4 it 2 come out...cant wait 2 watch da movie too..hehe

oh yea n 4 u guys who haven watch state of play its not really a nice movie le 4 me maybe i waz really tired on da day i waz watching...its bout politics...4 u guys who's not really into politics its not really a good movie le..hehe
anyways maybe u guys would like it...

oh yea all da best 4 disted ppls like who r havin their test of lucks guys...god bless:)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

dis is a muz talks bout da 25 things dis guy hates bout facebook..really funny..hehe
enjoy!!! n his name is called Julian Smith...he has a lot of videos in youtube kinda funny le...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Had prac 2day at church after da Sun service 4 da upcoming pcc gathering of assembly of god from all over malaysia..hehe waz kinda tiring le coz there were kinda a lot of songs dat we practiced..den me, gladys n ivan wen 2 gurney 2 watch wolverine after da prac at 5 something..b4 dat we wen 2 Ananda 4 dinner...had a really great meal there..den we waz almost late 4 da movie coz da food came kinda late le..hehe but we were able 2 make it chun chun b4 da movie start...for u guys dat haven catch da movie..u guys should go watch it...its really nice..den there's the movie's trailer below ..enjoy!!!:)

i oso found dis video of Nigel Hendroff which is da 1st wan....he is da main guitarist 4 hillsong 4 u guys who never heard of him b4...xP he's playing diff leads 4 diff songs in dis video..he improvised a lot of leads 4 various songs by hillsong..u guys hav 2 watch it..hehe hopes u guys will enjoy it...till next time...

Sunday, April 19, 2009

We had IGnite service yday in our waz called into God's nite..da service yday waz superb!!!! da praise n worship waz really great n da sound waz really good too..thx to Melissa n Jarold..hehe basically every1 did a great job le n all da hardwork da IGnite band put into prac durin weekdays n da planning of every1 involved are really worthed it le..but nothing would b possible without God so thank God dat he waz wit us throughout da whole time le...da presence of God in our youth waz so strong yday...

we had an ice breaker too b4 da praise n waz planned by melvin n chia ming le..u guys did a great job planning those waz really nice...hehe n bein da camera mans 4 da nite..hehe

den William shared bout honouring our parents...wat he shared really make us realise wat we had don is wrong le..den we should honour our parents le rather den disobeying n fighting back...
overall it waz really good le..hehe den told us dis joke dat is in hokien le...wen our parents "liam lo" den we o lo" which translates into english is straight le it means wen our parents stick da road we dig da road...keke hopefully u guys understands dis..keke xP

i found dis video le of da group called Nuttin But Stringz dis is durin their audition le on America's Got Talent..u can go watch their progression throughout da whole competition on Youtube le..dis guys are really awesome le..dey combine violin wit hip hop n rapping..hehe u gotta watch it..ENJOY:)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

kinda familiar huh dat person over there...hehe dont u thk he's a VALUED BUY.....keke xP
anybody wanna buy? very cheap nia...stock clearance somemore..

for more enquiries pls contact Ben through his handphone at 016*******...jz kidding...hehe...he's not for sale...he's priceless xP

Friday, March 20, 2009

wen sending da ppl goin 2 ns 2day...i woke up kinda late but den thank god not so late le juz a few min late nia...waz suppose 2 wake up at 7.30 n start my journey 2 ben's house so dat Ikhlas can fetch us from there..hehe good thing i reach there at 8.30...chun chun Ikhlas reach there nia...den we went fetching Javin after dat...hehe den dis Ikhlas somemore drove so slowly..xP no offense ms.Ikhlas but den she did a good job of getting us there b4 dey go off still were able 2 c dem 4 da last time...hehe i thk Neil waz da only guy dat cut his hair le wen he waz there.. da rest of dem waz cutting their hair wen dey reach da camp le coz its free...hehe

Adelene waz crying wen we reach there..den she like bo kam let us go like dat...hehe farney le she...keke actually she waz crying all da way le even wen we were taking pic..sry guys i don hav her pic coz din take...hehe i waz actually kinda sad le coz dey r like my closes friends n den won get 2 c dem 4 3 months...

me n my daughter...will b missing her n her lame-ness a lot...xP

haha da bald malay of da day...hehe :) acting cute somemore...keke

dis waz 1 of da few busses dat will b taking dem 2 their respective camp

n there dey go off 2 their camp..hehe n there's adelene in da black shirt n gladys at da centre

will b missing u guys a lot...hehe take care yea 2 every1 of u all...hehe hav fun at camp:)