Sunday, May 10, 2009

Had prac 2day at church after da Sun service 4 da upcoming pcc gathering of assembly of god from all over malaysia..hehe waz kinda tiring le coz there were kinda a lot of songs dat we practiced..den me, gladys n ivan wen 2 gurney 2 watch wolverine after da prac at 5 something..b4 dat we wen 2 Ananda 4 dinner...had a really great meal there..den we waz almost late 4 da movie coz da food came kinda late le..hehe but we were able 2 make it chun chun b4 da movie start...for u guys dat haven catch da movie..u guys should go watch it...its really nice..den there's the movie's trailer below ..enjoy!!!:)

i oso found dis video of Nigel Hendroff which is da 1st wan....he is da main guitarist 4 hillsong 4 u guys who never heard of him b4...xP he's playing diff leads 4 diff songs in dis video..he improvised a lot of leads 4 various songs by hillsong..u guys hav 2 watch it..hehe hopes u guys will enjoy it...till next time...

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