Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dedication 2 Melvin!!!!!!

don melvin look entau....n riding bike kinda ngam 4 him rite?

dis is pic of melvin is took quite a few weeks back but din post it nia....lolx

2 mel : Riders of The Storm....

Bowling!!!!!!!!! den makan n makan n makan

Yday melanie, shia wen, chia ming n me we wen 2 midlands 4 bowling....hehe

but b4 dat we stop by E Gate n wen old town 2 hav our brunch.....lolx :P

wen couldn't finish her garlic bread so we did something 2 her garlic bread

smily face!!!!!!!!!!!

den after bowling we wen gurney 2 juz hang out...hehe we played daytona n den manatau melanie win....hehe

after dat we wen 2 secret recipe....

we ordered da alphabet nuggets....

i spelled moh moh wit da nuggets....

chia ming didn't notice dat wen put a chai on his cake....its a chocolate chai cake...

Friday, August 1, 2008

31% discount at Baskin Robins

Yday me, melvin, alex, and pris wen 2 Baskin Robins hehe coz got 31% discount...lolx den we ordered each a pint cup...hehe its da smallest d among all da sizes but den its still very big la den we eat time we noe 2 share d...lolx=) actually melvin wanted 2 order da flavour love potion 31# but den finish d...lolx he waz so dissapointed den he said no love 4 him....haha=)

da chocolate wan is pris's wan...lolx its melting d

me n mel got da same thing...hehe mango sorbet!!!nice oso la

most of da time pris waz wiping her ice cream cup!!! lolx

alex is playing wit da dry ice...he looks like drug addict la don u thk...lolx jkjk!!

after dat we wen 2 gp 2 jalan...manatau ended up in gurney drive pula...we parked our cars in gp but den walk 2 gurney drive...den melvin ordered dis!!! its deep fried sotong n fries....

its kinda nice oso la get 2 go out at nite and hangout n juz tok once in awhile like dat ..hehe