Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hillsong Live - This Is Our God album

Hey guys...this is wat da album looks like...hehe it has a cd & a dvd....

and the track listing of da cd
  1. "Your Name High" (Joel Houston)
  2. "Run" (Houston)
  3. "Desert Song" (Brooke Fraser)
  4. "This Is Our God" (Reuben Morgan)
  5. "He Is Lord" (Ben Fielding)
  6. "High and Lifted Up" (Darlene Zschech & Mike Guglielmucci)
  7. "Stronger" (Morgan & Fielding)
  8. "Healer" (Guglielmucci)
  9. "You Are Here (The Same Power)" (Dave George & Grant Pankratz)
  10. "You Deserve" (Matt Crocker & James Dunlop)
  11. "Across the Earth" (Morgan, Crocker & Guglielmucci)
  12. "Where We Belong" (Morgan & Joel Davies)
  13. "Sing to the Lord" (Guglielmucci & Bridgestone)
  14. "You'll Come" (Fraser) – 5:04
  15. "Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus" (Traditional) – 1:45
  16. "With Everything" (Houston)

da DVD listing
1. "Your Name High"
2. "Run"
3. "Across the Earth"
4. "This Is Our God"
5. "He Is Lord"
6. "High and Lifted Up"
7. "Stronger"
8. "Healer"
9. "You Are Here"
10. "You Deserve"
11. "Alive in You" (Scott Ligertwood and Mike Guglielmucci)
12. "Desert Song"
13. "Sing to the Lord"
14. "Where We Belong"
15. "You'll Come"
16. "Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus"
17. "With Everything"

its a great album so guys remember to get it...God bless=)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Hey guys in back after 1 month din post in my bloggie...hehe last sat our church had da ground breaking ceremony at Jalan Sungai Pinang 1 which will soon b MMC wen it completes in 2 or 3 years....lolx

da ground breaking waz started about 8 like dat n dat is da time wen all da guests arrive....
there were b'fast sold at da place.....n da ceremony officially starts at 9...

we started off wit a session of praise and worship den after dat a performance by da our own SSK...
where da childrens had a special dance...

after dat da sponsors 4 dis MMC building each get their chance to hold da spade n break da ground....

da event finish at about 11 something like dat wit da praise and worship by our youth....hehe
well till next time guys now gotta go back studying d....exam comin soon....c ya guys till next time=]