Sunday, April 19, 2009

We had IGnite service yday in our waz called into God's nite..da service yday waz superb!!!! da praise n worship waz really great n da sound waz really good too..thx to Melissa n Jarold..hehe basically every1 did a great job le n all da hardwork da IGnite band put into prac durin weekdays n da planning of every1 involved are really worthed it le..but nothing would b possible without God so thank God dat he waz wit us throughout da whole time le...da presence of God in our youth waz so strong yday...

we had an ice breaker too b4 da praise n waz planned by melvin n chia ming le..u guys did a great job planning those waz really nice...hehe n bein da camera mans 4 da nite..hehe

den William shared bout honouring our parents...wat he shared really make us realise wat we had don is wrong le..den we should honour our parents le rather den disobeying n fighting back...
overall it waz really good le..hehe den told us dis joke dat is in hokien le...wen our parents "liam lo" den we o lo" which translates into english is straight le it means wen our parents stick da road we dig da road...keke hopefully u guys understands dis..keke xP

i found dis video le of da group called Nuttin But Stringz dis is durin their audition le on America's Got Talent..u can go watch their progression throughout da whole competition on Youtube le..dis guys are really awesome le..dey combine violin wit hip hop n rapping..hehe u gotta watch it..ENJOY:)

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