Sunday, June 21, 2009

wen out wit wai loon, lin chong, kevin and peng chooi who juz came back from sunway...met at gurney at 3 something...wai loon waz fetching me there den we were actually reaching there earlier den every1 until wai loon decided 2 take da longer way around da round about at gurney drive...hehe den we waited at da wrong line wen we were goin up da way 2 da parking lot..we were waiting 4 like 15 min behind a car dat waz juz waiting 4 da passenger dats comin out of gp...we din realize until da cars behind us waz moving into other lanes..hehe

den we met up in da pool area den started playing pool while waiting 4 kevin who waz telling us dat he's walking from traders hotel...kevin's like so kuai 2day go traders hotel 4 da education fair...kevin arrived at close 2 4..

after dat we bought tickets 2 watch drag me to hell...da movie waz really predictable le da plot n all...but den me n kevin walked out after da 1st 10 min of da show...we went buying da transformers 2 tickets...

transformers 2 is a mus watch movie dis year...better grab ur tickets early coz it'll b sold out soon i guess...cant wait 4 it 2 come out...cant wait 2 watch da movie too..hehe

oh yea n 4 u guys who haven watch state of play its not really a nice movie le 4 me maybe i waz really tired on da day i waz watching...its bout politics...4 u guys who's not really into politics its not really a good movie le..hehe
anyways maybe u guys would like it...

oh yea all da best 4 disted ppls like who r havin their test of lucks guys...god bless:)

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