Friday, March 20, 2009

wen sending da ppl goin 2 ns 2day...i woke up kinda late but den thank god not so late le juz a few min late nia...waz suppose 2 wake up at 7.30 n start my journey 2 ben's house so dat Ikhlas can fetch us from there..hehe good thing i reach there at 8.30...chun chun Ikhlas reach there nia...den we went fetching Javin after dat...hehe den dis Ikhlas somemore drove so slowly..xP no offense ms.Ikhlas but den she did a good job of getting us there b4 dey go off still were able 2 c dem 4 da last time...hehe i thk Neil waz da only guy dat cut his hair le wen he waz there.. da rest of dem waz cutting their hair wen dey reach da camp le coz its free...hehe

Adelene waz crying wen we reach there..den she like bo kam let us go like dat...hehe farney le she...keke actually she waz crying all da way le even wen we were taking pic..sry guys i don hav her pic coz din take...hehe i waz actually kinda sad le coz dey r like my closes friends n den won get 2 c dem 4 3 months...

me n my daughter...will b missing her n her lame-ness a lot...xP

haha da bald malay of da day...hehe :) acting cute somemore...keke

dis waz 1 of da few busses dat will b taking dem 2 their respective camp

n there dey go off 2 their camp..hehe n there's adelene in da black shirt n gladys at da centre

will b missing u guys a lot...hehe take care yea 2 every1 of u all...hehe hav fun at camp:)

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